A Publix Weekly Ad Comes Through Again

This past Sunday, 9:30 PM rolled around and I realized my little nine-year-old had no Oscar Meyer Lunchables for the following day. Now, if you knew my little boy, you would understand he’s a very finicky and picky eater and a regular ham sandwich just does not suffice. Oh, we’ve tried everything and anything possible from reference books to friendly advice but my child just doesn’t like to eat anything outside of his comfort zone. There’s no way to persuade him unless we open his mouth and stuff it down his throat, and that’s not going to happen! LOL. About the only thing he will eat in a school setting is pizza on Fridays.

Anyway, I had to take a quick trip to Publix and I didn’t even have time to go on the Internet to find out what the BOGO offers were. I got myself a cart because I knew had to also buy water. I proceeded to the back of the store where I knew the Oscar Meyer Lunchables were located. Not surprisingly, the Lunchables happened to be buy one get one free! At this point I was thinking, “Publix rules!” It wasn’t until that point that I confirmed on the weekly ad that they were on sale as BOGO offers. I also saw the Publix spring water was also on sale for 2 for $7.00.

Ahh, but there was a catch! There were hardly any Lunchables left. I searched through all the snack holders and luckily, I came across the last row. There sat eight of the Lunchables my child likes. These are the ones with ham or turkey and cheese with two cookies.  I looked over my shoulder and quickly snatched them, then proceeded to the area where the water was located in aisle number 9. I grabbed two 24 packs of Publix water and started fleeing as if I were a common criminal who just stole a few items based on the price I was about to pay!

A Publix weekly ad is something you can always count on to save you big money.At this point I was thinking, anybody who thinks Publix is expensive has got to be out of their mind. They must not be trying or maybe they aren’t buying the right foods. As you know, I’m a huge Publix fan and that won’t change anytime soon. I walked out of the store spending only $15 even; seven dollars for the water and exactly eight dollars for the Oscar Meyer Lunchables. My receipt said I had saved nine dollars and some change. I had save more than half the money of my purchase!

This is usually what happens when you get the BOGO offers from Publix; the savings are almost ridiculous. Realistically, every single week is not going to be a dunk slam for you. However, if you use the Publix weekly ad on a regular basis, there is no doubt you can save tons of money throughout the year. We’re talking mucho dinero, big-time!

I went home and placed those Lunchables in the fridge without my son knowing he was dangerously close to having to eat cafeteria food the next day. Today as I write this, I’m sure he’s already sat down at lunch and enjoyed his treat which included two Oreo cookies. What can be better than that?