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How to Use Your Publix Weekly Ad To Your Advantage

Most of us have been seeing our Publix weekly ad on a routine basis when we visit the store or in the mail and the funny thing is most of us have never taken the time to learn how to use one correctly in order to maximize our savings potential.  Luckily, I hope the following sheds some light on how to make it work in your favor.

Next time you open up your Sunday newspaper go ahead and cut out all the manufacturer coupons you can from the coupon inserts and while you are at it, look for the Publix weekly add that usually accompanies them.  If you don’t get the weekly ad in your paper make sure you pick up a copy of the Publix deals on your next trip to the store.

Publix Buy One Get One Free Offers Are a Steal

The first thing you need to do when you open up the circular is take note of the buy one get one free offers commonly referred to as “BOGO” offers.  For example, taking a look at the weekly Publix ads this past Sunday in my hometown I picked out a BOGO offer for a few products including Progresso soups, Bertolli pasta sauce which my kids absolutely love, some Cavit Pinot Grigio wine, Buitoni pasta, and the list goes on.

Now if I wanted to, I could probably pick out most of the BOGO offers and eventually my family would consume them over the next four weeks but I am more practical than most, and I want to pick foods and other items that we can readily consume within the next two weeks.  Still, with all the items I have picked out I will end up saving over $60.00 for food we will actually eat; this is staggering knowing I can just save this much by using the 2 for 1 free offers, and I have not even begun to think about applying the Publix coupons I have for my purchases.

Which brings us to the next and most important part of these flyers.  The biggest advantage you have with them is to stock up.  This is commonly referred to as stockpiling your groceries or buying in bulk.  Whatever you want to call it, it’s an important part of shopping for groceries because the savings are virtually endless.  This type of shopping is Costco and BJ’s selling point as they get customers in to make them feel like if they are stockpiling and saving big-time money!

I prefer to shop using my because I find it contains all the items I really need for my family and I know I go home with a car full of shopping bags containing everything we need for the next two weeks, and for very cheap. I can’t do that at Costco; it ends up costing way too much.

Welcome to Our Publix Weekly Ad Information Site

If you have never taken a look at the Publix weekly ad in your area you won’t believe the types of savings you can enjoy.  With this site we hope to make your shopping trips much more enjoyable. The bottom line is saving more money equals much more fun while shopping. There are so many features to take advantage of when it comes to shopping here. For example, I always order the deli meats online before even stepping in Publix. This way, I simply walk to the deli meats section and pick up my pre-ordered meats without having to take a number and wait in line!

You can easily visit the Publix weekly at:

Publix Weekly Ads

and you can shop for deals to your heart’s content.

Using circular ads is obviously not the only way to save big money while shopping.  If you combine this with printable coupons as well as the cut-out kind from the Sunday paper inserts, you will come out way ahead of the game when it comes to savings.

Anyone can virtually give themselves a raise in pay by following a few time-tested money-saving using coupons principles.  If you really want to increase your savings, you should shop in at least two different grocery stores so you can comparison shop.  You can also mix in online shopping for toiletries and other items, and you can round that off with other methods such as comparison shopping and finding buy one get one free deals.

If you play your cards right you can easily save over two hundred dollars a month using a combination of the Publix weekly ad specials combined with using free coupons.  So let’s get to work on saving all that money!