Publix Weekly Ad Information

What to do When the Publix Weekly Ad is Not as Good as you Expected

Just like anything, you really can’t expect the Publix weekly ad to be incredible every single week. Sometimes, like anything else, the weekly circular has its moments when we can look at it and not come away with building the type of shopping list we want to. When this sort of thing happens, it’s time to put things into Plan B. Don’t despair if you look at a Publix weekly flyer and you don’t see the things that you normally would expect in order to save the maximum amount of money on your shopping trip.

Start With the Publix Deals

The first thing you should do when the weekly ad does not go your way is to start taking a look at the sales and deals and discounts instead of just the buy one get one free offers. For example, taking a look at the present weekly ad, I really did not see that many BOGO offers available. However, as I dug deeper into the Publix ad, I could see that the porterhouse or T-bone steaks were on sale for $7.99 a pound. This is a full three dollars a pound less than the regular price, which is pretty substantial. As I continued, I could see that the Hillshire Farm deli select lunch meats were on sale for three for $10. With these, I was able to save another three dollars off my total purchase. As I turn the page of the Publix weekly ad I could see that the Tropicana pure premium orange juice bottles were two for six dollars. This would give me another two dollars in savings.

Anyway, as you can see, even if there are not that many buy one get one free offers on a Publix weekly ad, you can still make up for it in a big way by looking at the actual special deals and digging in a little bit deeper while you’re trying to construct your shopping list.

Even Publix every now and then will have an off day just like anything else. But it’s our responsibility to ourselves and our families to still take advantage of all the deals and discounts available on that Publix weekly ad.

Why a Publix Weekly Ad Beats Using Coupons Every Time

There is a simple reason why I think a Publix weekly ad beats the heck out of using just coupons on a regular basis. Just as a reminder, you can access the weekly Publix flyer from either the official website or you can get it in person next time you shop there. Up until recently I used to use coupons all the time either from manufacturers or from the actual in-store coupons at whatever supermarket I shopped at but these days I have turned to something much easier and more convenient. Using the Publix weekly ads on a regular basis as well as from Winn-Dixie, from CVS, and even Walgreens has actually change my life for the better when it comes to shopping frugally.

 I Like to Start With the Publix Sales

In the old days if I opened up a Publix weekly ad I would just look at the specials and try to match them with my coupons or add to the coupons I had at hand. Now I use the weekly flyer as a starting point and then I add whatever coupons are left over as a supplement to all the deals and discounts I find on those circulars. If you are someone who’s been using coupons as your starting point to building up your shopping list, I urge you to at least try using the weekly at first and then using whatever manufacturers coupons you can find to add to the savings for that particular shopping day.

One particular advantage that I gained from using the Publix weekly ad first, instead of whatever coupons I can find is that I can assemble a shopping list much quicker by starting out with the buy one get one free offers and continuing on from that. Before, when I wasn’t using the weekly circular as a starting point I would choose whatever coupons I thought might fit the needs of our family and I found that it wasn’t enough because I was picking items that I never really used. That’s the biggest plus when it comes to using these weekly circulars. You can easily assemble the shopping list in half the time as compared to when you used to do it with coupons and that in itself makes using a Publix weekly ad much more important than starting out with coupons.

Bear in mind that by no means am I telling you to stop using whatever coupon you can find. On the contrary. It’s important to continue using coupons as you see fit but use them as a supplement to the weekly deals and specials that you find. By shopping this way you will save so much time that can be better spent with your family and you will be able to assemble a shopping list that you can feel comfortable with knowing that you’re to be able to use those items and products by using the Publix weekly ad.