Publix Weekly Ad Information

The Publix Weekly Circular This Week Freaked Me Out

If you have read some of the other posts in this web site, I don’t have to tell you how much success I have been having using a Publix weekly circular when I shop for groceries. It has definitely transformed our family finances in a big way as we have consistently saved well over $200.00 a month and sometimes far more than that. It’s enough to cover a cell phone and light bill each month which, for a middle-class family like ours, is a huge thing. This past week was no different and in keeping with the real-life examples I have given you in the past here is another installment showing you what I bought and how much I saved this week.

Remember, all you have to do is either go to the official web site or pick up a Publix weekly circular ad right there in your local store.  Also, keep in mind that not every store has the same ad; many locations have different ads than the next Publix.

I started out making a list of the essentials we need for the next two weeks and listed things like milk, eggs, whole wheat bread, Lunchables for the little ones (they love these), bottled water which is always on sale in one form or another at Publix, and a few other basic items that many of us usually always have on hand. Then I opened up the weekly ad and went to work!

From the 1st page the first thing that stood out for me was the porterhouse and t-bone steaks at 4.00 off a pound of their regular price so immediately I got to thinking of the amazing barbecue we would have this weekend. Anyway, you probably know I look through the weekly ad from front to back and I like to choose the buy one get one free offers and really special Publix deals first. I saw the Ocean Spray Juice cocktail as a Bogo offer so I chose four of those for a savings of $8.50 already. Right there next to it I saw my kids’ favorite snacks, the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish snack crackers at 1.00 each and I saved another $13.90!  As you can see, I was at $-3.90 at this point; what a great start!

Teach your kids to save money on groceries at an early age!Next, I picked out the Potato Inspirations Honey Gold Potatoes as a Bogo offer and bought 2, saving another $3.99. I also picked out something I like as a fattening treat (hey, why not?) in the Danish Coffee Cake Strip (2 of them) and that was another $4.99 saved. I bought 4 boxes of Post Honey Bunches of Oats cereal with a savings of $8.42, a 2 for $10 Gatorade deal for another $3.98 saved, 2 El Paso Dinner Kits for another $3.39 off, four 24 oz jars of Barilla Pasta Sauce which took another $6.10 off the price, and 4 Campbell’s Chunky soups giving me a $3.96 discount.

At this point, the Publix weekly ad circular was looking as good as it ever had and I was really excited as I kept looking through the last few pages. I bought 4 Lipton Tea bags for another $9.06 in savings, 4 Pasta Roni’s ($3.18), 2 Nabisco vanilla wafers ($3.99), and I stocked up on Boca Burgers bogo offer; I bought 10 boxes, saving another 20.75!  So far I had saved $94.11 but it didn’t stop there.  I bought a few other miscellaneous items that would be pointless to keep listing; I’m afraid your eyes will start hurting!  However, as you can see, I was on my way to another big day using the Publix weekly circular, and when I finished shopping at my other favorite store using the Winn Dixie weekly ad, I had saved $189.32 and I spent $234.71 in total.

This Week’s Publix Grocery Weekly Ad Was Awesome

Today I woke up and felt extra-well as I was basking in the glory of using this week’s Publix grocery weekly ad and coming away with 77.68 in savings off a total bill of $167.32. Now, I have a fairly large family and if we were to shop without using these ads or even coupons we would be looking at spending somewhere around 800 beans or smackeroos as you would call them!

Gosh, I don’t know where to start so you can see an example of how to save using this method.  More and more I am starting to believe that coupons are not really necessary if you want to save a substantial amount of money while grocery shopping.

If you have one, take out your Publix grocery weekly ad and I am certain you will be inspired as you read along with me.  If you do not have one in paper form you can visit the official Publix web site and grab yours there and all you have to do is open a separate window next to this article.

The first Publix weekly special for buy one get one free offers that I grabbed was the Chef Boyardee assorted canned pastas.  These are essential in my household as my kids not only love them, but it frees me up every now and then when I do not want to cook anything.  Hey, I get tired just like anybody else.  My total savings here after I bought 16 cans, which coincidentally, will disappear in two weeks, was 8×1.29=$10.32.

Next, I followed the Publix weekly ad for more BOGO offers and found Quaker instant oatmeal so I bought 4 of those and saved another 3.49×2=$6.98.

A Publix grocery weekly ad can save you some serious cha-ching!I noticed the Dasani 24 pack bottles of water on sale for 3.99 when they are usually 2 dollars more expensive than that, so I grabbed 4 of them and saved another $4.00 there.  In my household, my kids just do not like to drink out of the tap and maybe it’s a bad and costly habit because this type of water isn’t much better, but it’s what they are used to and it encourages them to drink water.

Next, the Morningstar Farms entrees were another BOGO offer gone wild (these are hard to get like this) and I snatched 8 of them for some healthy eating for the next two weeks and saved 4×3.89=$15.56.

The Kellog’s cereals were all 50% off on the weekend so I grabbed the Raisin Brand cereal and saved another $4.09.

Fresh Express Salad Blends were on sale and I bought 4 of them saving me another $8.98.  The Quaker Chewy Granola bars were also BOGO free, and I save another $6.34 there as I grabbed four of them.

I could go and on but these were my main products I got for free using the Publix grocery weekly ad and then I was off to Winn-Dixie to round out my free savings after getting a few more items I normally get at the regular price.  all in all, it was a great day for grocery shopping and saving.