Even On an Off Day the Publix Weekly Ad is Worthy

I guess we have to take the good with the bad sometimes. I used the Publix Weekly ad on Sunday and I wasn’t able to find as many buy one get one free items as I wanted. I don’t know if it was just an off day or if I didn’t do a good enough job of selecting the items on sale. The fact that this was really quick trip because I was tired must have played into it, too. Regardless, I was still able to save $20.70 with these BOGO offers as well as some sale items, so that’s not too bad!

The shocker was how the lady located two customers in front of me pulled out a wad of coupons and I tried my best to see how much money she had saved until I just gave up and asked her, point blank!

She said her weekly ad shopping netted her approximately $45.00 while the coupons tacked on another nice $26.00 in savings. She was kind enough to show me the receipt and her total was $176.54. Not bad at all; that’s a total of $71.00 saved in one trip and it was much better than mine. How did this happen when I take pride in being the most cost-conscious person out there? LOL!

The answer is; I got lazy and didn’t really take enough time to make the type of shopping plan at Publix Here is the Publix receipt from my last shopping trip.;I normally do. Aside from that, I am a big believer in that no matter how good you think you are, don’t become too cocky because, chances are, there is always someone who can do it better than you! This lady sure did a lot better than me on this day!

Here are the items I saved money on:

  • Post Honey Bunches of Oats (Pecan) – I paid for 2 and got 2 free
  • Publix paper towels
  • AngelSoft toilet tissue
  • 2 T-Bone Steaks (savings of $4.20)
  • Stayfree maxi Pads ($1.00 off)
  • 5 Oscar Mayer Lunchables ($1.00 off for each)

The total amount I paid on this trip was $142.96.

I went back home and looked at the Publix weekly ad on the Internet to see where I went wrong. After checking it for a few minutes, I realized many of the products I would normally get were simply not on sale as usual. Still, I missed at least 7 items I could have bought in bulk and perhaps I could have doubled my savings on this trip.

Mora of the story here is; take a few extra minutes to go over your list by re-checking the weekly ad so you don’t miss out on obvious good deals like I did that day.