Publix Bakery Is Second to None

One thing I love about the weekends is I get to visit the nearby Publix bakery so that I can treat my family to several “species” of baked goods. When I say species, it’s because I feel like all of these products have a life of their own. The ones my family love are so delicious that you would swear it would be from the best local baker in town. However, it’s sometimes hard to convince people that it’s just Publix.

Sometimes, when I take my kids with me while shopping, we have no choice but to stop at the Publix bakery. Here, they offer kids one or two free cookies that they can enjoy while you’re shopping. I’m not exactly sure how this whole thing started, but as a parent I sure appreciate the effort Publix is making.

I Can Visit Any of the Publix Locations and They Will Have a Bakery

Many times during the day, if I really don’t have much time to go out to lunch with my associates, I usually stop by Publix and I grab one of the bagels they have in their bins. Usually, this holds me off until I get home and have another snack. My favorite bagel lately from the Publix bakery happens to be the cinnamon crunch. In my area, they started making these a few weeks ago, and it’s hard for me to stay away from them. I guess that’s a good and bad thing.

Whenever I have a party for myself or for my kids, I usually get the birthday cake from the Publix bakery. Now, most people don’t know this, but the Publix cakes are much better than your average bakery in your home town. Another thing I’m madly in love with, is the Publix pastries. Every time I visit them I know I can count on satisfying my sweet cravings if all I do is take a little walk over to the bakery section.

As with any bakery, it’s always best to have one of these places nearby so that you can always get fresh products. The Publix bakery always guarantees their products to be fresh, but you also have to be smart in what you buy. Get into the good habit of checking expiration dates. Publix puts out baked goods all the time and many end up in the discounted section as they are trying to get rid of it before the freshness expires. However, you want to get the absolute best baked goods and the way you do this is to ask a Publix employee working the counter at the bakery to help you with the product you’re looking for and which ones are the freshest. The Publix bakery is a big part of my family’s life and I hope you’ll consider it to be yours too.