Publix Products-What’s Your Favorite?

There are so many Publix products, you know, the ones that are Publix’s own brand and I’m hoping to share with you which ones are my favorites. After the article, it would be great if you guys could write a comment and let us know what your favorite Publix products are.¬†Starting with the most obvious I think; everything and anything from the Publix bakery.

Never in my life would I ever have thought that going to their bakery would be such an adventure and anytime I need any baked goods the first thing I do is go out the door and reach for the nearest Publix. I have many choices and options for bakeries in my hometown but it’s hard to resist Publix starting with the breads such as their Cuban bread, French bread, they’re fresh Kaiser rolls that work really well for a Sunday barbecue, and so many other different types. Also, if my kids are shopping along with me, you know you’re going to go straight to the bakery so they can get their free cookies that Publix always offers the kids.

Use the Publix Ad Preview to Make a Plan of Attack on Savings

One of the first things I do if I’m in a hurry is to preview the ad once I get to the store. It ony takes five minutes!¬† Another one of my favorite Publix products, one that I can’t really do without, is their Greenwise oatmeal in cinnamon flavor. I also get it in regular flavor which is actually better for me. This is a cereal that I really can’t live without because it’s so easy to pop into the microwave with a cup of milk right before I leave for work every single morning.

I would be remiss if while discussing the Publix products, I didn’t mention anything about their fresh meats. I have no idea why, and I’ve been to my own butcher as well as Winn-Dixie’s, but the Publix meats are the best in my town. I really don’t think anything comes even close. I especially like the way they label their ground beef such as the 80/20, the 92% fat free, etc.¬† If I’ll be making a barbecue. I can rest assured I can go to Publix and pick out some nice juicy ribeye steaks, T-bone or porterhouse steaks, or even the Churrasco steaks. Every now and then when I get the itch I’ll actually go out and get some baby back ribs from Publix and those are always stellar too

As far as Publix products in the deli section go, I really have not found any that are better than the Boars Head brand l always buy. With that said, if you are on a budget, you may want to try the Publix sweet ham or the Tavern him; you really can’t go wrong with these, either.

The whole idea behind Publix products, just like any other large supermarket chain, is to provide us customers with the best possible products at the lowest prices so that we may shop and save more by using this alternative. Publix products are really no alternative in my opinion. I believe they can stand on their own and they’re made with quality.