Publix Subs vs Subway Sandwiches

While I was chomping down on one of the Publix subs I have to admit I started scratching my head. I grew up in an environment where when it came to sub sandwiches I was conditioned to head over to the local Subway and get my little six-inch combo. I have always been partial to turkey subs as well as meatball subs and I was already used to picking from the regular condiments that Subway had to offer which included the green peppers, tomatoes, pickles slices, cucumbers, and so many others.

The idea for this article came to me yesterday while I was at Publix ordering a regular sized wheat bread turkey sandwich with Boars Head meet. I came to a simple conclusion once I was done with the meal. Wow! I really enjoy the subway sandwiches but the meat they use in their subs is not particularly of any great quality and you can really taste this. On the contrary, with Publix subs, you have the option to include a quality meat such as Boars Head brand and I think this makes a world of a difference. If Subway subs allowed you to insert a quality meat like this into the sandwiches I think hands-down, Subway would win. However, even though the Subway bread taste way better to me then the Publix breads used in their sandwiches, when you get down to the meat of it (no pun intended), Subway subs can not come even close to the Publix subs that I have eaten.

This is by no means intended to be a knock on Subway sandwiches. I’m sure many of you out there really enjoy eating at Subway and you enjoy the other items they have to offer. If you’re talking about a variety of foods there really is no comparison because Subway has many other menu items such as soups, they even have a lunch pizza, and so many others.

Of course, there are a handful of other sub sandwich shops in my area that completely blow away these two; however, I can’t see the point in making a 20 mile trip just to buy the best sandwich in town. I am a firm believer that there are usually a couple of great sub sandwich places in every town offering much better subs than Publix or Subway.

However, if it’s a sandwich you are after as well as convenience, then I’m sorry, but Publix subs beats Subway hands down every single time.