Publix Weekly Ad For This Week Alert: One of My Best Shopping Trips Yet

You probably already know how the Publix weekly ad and I already connect in a big way. This past week was no exception as I accessed my trusted weekly ad and started to work on getting the best deals possible. I did do something different this time around; I involved my mother who was wanting to see exactly how I select each item and assemble my shopping list using my weekly ads plan and the grocery ads.

How Did I Fare With the Publix Weekly Ads This Week?

The Publix ads for this week looked phenomenal as I opened up the flyer on the Internet as well as the physical flyer right next to me, something I have also done differently this time around. Funny how the physical Publix weekly at my store was exactly the same as the one on the Internet. This enabled my mother to follow along easily as I picked each item while assembling my shopping list.

As usual, I started with the buy one get one free offers and started with the Tostitos tortilla chips; I grabbed four bags of these, saving $10 in the process. I moved on to the item right next to it which was the Red Baron pizza and I saved $13 buying 4 of these, too. Now, those pizzas are not exactly the most healthy option for my kids but they absolutely love this treat; so I figured I would give it to them over a four-week period to satisfy their longing for pizza. Compare this to ordering out 4 times to Domino’s or Papa John’s and I am sure you can see how much money you can save by getting BOGO offers for pizza!

So far, I had saved about $23 on the first page of the public weekly ad alone! I bought the Oscar Mayer classic beef franks and got myself four packs for the weekend barbecue we were going to have. I got two originals and 1 of the 98% fat free packages, as well as a light package for those who wanted to stay a little more healthy. I am always concerned with the salt content when it comes to frankfurters or so-called hotdogs but every now and then is okay as long as we don’t overdo it.

The Savings Quickly Start Mounting With the Publix Flyer

I was already up to a $35 in savings beThe Publix weekly ad is something you can count on for spectacular savings week after week.fore I turned the page a few more times. I was able to get the Fresh Express salad blends for BOGO offers and saved another 8 dollars. At that point I was thinking; finally, a healthy product! I continued trying to pick out healthy items and settled for a Flat-Out bread offer and got four of these to save another $6.50.

As you can see, at this point I was up to $49.50 in savings. I continued for five more pages and was able to get my paws on more useful products for myself and my family and saved another $37 on top of what I had already tallied up.

The total savings with the Publix ads for this week amounted to $86.50. By the time I finished rounding out all the other items on my list, some of them which were not on sale at all, I still only spent $141.58 and came away with an incredible amount of savings.

The end result for my family is that we can eat for a good two weeks on that $141.58 amount. Now, if you take into account how the average family, according to many sources, spends an average of $600-$800 a month on groceries, I would say this is a pretty stupendous amount of savings, don’t you agree?