Publix Weekly Ad Specials This Week

On any given day you can visit the official website and get your Publix weekly ad specials right there on the Internet and all you have to do is type in your zip code to get your local results.  As an example for those of you contemplating using these Publix flyers, and I recommend you do, the following is a taste of what I used this week.

I started off on the first page with all the buy one get one free offers and here are the ones I chose:

  1. Progresso Soup, assorted varieties in the 18-19 oz can.  I love buying these because it allows me to skip cooking dinner for the whole family at least one noght a week.
  2. Marie Callender’s dinners, also assorted varieties in the 8.5 to 21 oz. box.  these are absolutely delicious but watch out; most of them are packed with a little too many calories so make sure you look at the label.
  3. Bertolli Olive Oil, the extra light tasting or the Classico.  I have used both of these and each one is absolutely delicious so it was a no-brainer.  The Publix weekly ad usually has one available olive oil in their BOGO offers.
  4. Hunt’s 100% Natural Tomatoes – I use these all the time for some of my creole dishes such as Cuban shredded beef (ropa vieja) and other tomato-based dishes so I usually can’t have too many of them.  This allowed me to stock up on them to last me for two months!’s
  5. Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice – I also use these at least once a week to make quick rice for the family and I complement it generally with the Publix rotisserie chicken
  6. Mueller’s Pasta – You can imagine how I was able to stock up on these since it offered all different types excluding the jumbo shells, lasagna, and the egg noodles.  Still, I bought 10 boxes and paid for only five.  This will easily last a month and a half.  Of all the Publix specials, this one always takes the cake for me because I can cook so many pasta dishes and my family loves them.
  7. Doritos Tortilla Chips – I also stocked up on these because I like to host at least one social gathering with friends or family at the house every month, and almost everybody loves them.
  8. Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Bread – Of course I can’t buy too much of this because more than 4 packs will go bad before we eat it.
  9. Idahoan Mashed Potatoes – To me, these are the best tasting quick mashies I have ever found at a grocery store.

As you can see if you total up the amount of free items you can easily save over $50.00 by using the Publix weekly ad BOGO offers.  After that, using coupons can help you save another $30-$50, approaching saving almost $100.oo every shopping trip!